New Moon in Gemini


Restless, intellectual and fickle, New Moon in Gemini energy can whip us up into a lather, and then leave us wondering what we just witnessed. The youngest of the three air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - Gemini energy is fresh and bold and curious. Gemini has not acquired the cautious approach of a wise human who has made mistakes and learnt a few lessons of life. So Gemini moves quickly, fuelled by an insatiable curiosity to discover, unhindered by the burden of mistakes that more grounded, cautious signs know too well. 


And so June was born with a gust of Gemini energy that was overstimulating and stopped some of us in our tracks, frozen by the thought of too many options. If you second guessed projects that were already well underway- fear not, that is simply the effect of a New Moon that wants you to consider all of your options. In reality, it would be better to plod ahead, stay the course, and finish whatever you started. 


Impatience is a big theme for June 2019. Gemini is infamous for kickstarting exciting creative projects and then throwing up arms when the going gets tough. To add to the frenzy, warrior planet Mars is revving its engines in Cancer and is sitting on top of the North Node making us utterly impatient to reach our destination. Thing is, with the Gemini moon giving us all butterfly brains that can’t sit with one thought for very long, our determination can run hot but we don’t have the staying power to make it happen. 


As summer comes into full bloom the universe is preparing to harvest whatever we’ve been growing since the January New Moon in Capricorn, so now is not a time to slack off. The bounty of Gemini energy is an ability to adapt and think on our feet. Innovation will help you break through any tension right now, and a fresh take on an old problem can do wonders for your creativity. Make sure you find time to  ground down into some yin yoga or comfort food to settle the senses.

Nymph of Neptune