On July 2nd, as the skies graced us with a New Moon//Solar Eclipse in Cancer, our hearts were torn open with a call to empathise and ignite our compassion. Cancer is the archetype of the mother who rules nurturing and the meeting of our needs. Cancer transits are about finding the balance between protective self-care and connecting with others through love! 


Unlike a regular New Moon, a total solar eclipse obscures the sunlight, symbolically plunging us into darkness when we least expect it, so that we are left to examine parts of our psyche we would perhaps prefer not too. What area of life was calling out for your attention? Where have you been on autopilot and how has July awakened you through shining light on the darker corners of your mind which need to evolve. 


Way back in January 2019, we began the year with a Capricorn lunar eclipse that helped us move with determination towards our goals. Sturdy and earthy as the good mountain goat is known to be, we were graced with the stamina to continue and find solutions to any temporary setbacks. The pace was consistent and even the most sensitive of souls were blessed with the responsible energy of Capricorn to achieve the most possible. Did you go too far? Did you shut yourself off from too many avenues of pleasure? If so this Cancer eclipse is here to bring you back into balance, to remind you that there is time for work and time for play. 


If you were tapped into the energy of this Cancer Solar Eclipse, you will have noticed that things slowed down, opportunities for joy and play opened up. Your priorities may have gently switched gear to bring you into a better work-life balance. Outbursts of emotion may have also been part of the picture around the first week of July - as people’s needs and wants were suddenly felt more urgently! 

Be honest with yourself about where you could let your guard down more. This July is the time to go back to some old fashioned heart to heart connection with those you love most. Find time to reconnect with old friends and move at a slower pace. This Solar eclipse is here to remind you that you are not the sum of your goals and ambitions. Take time to soothe any frayed nerves with your family of choice, and remember that yes, your needs can be met.

Nymph of Neptune