New Moon in Virgo

Max Ernst,  La Ville Entiere  (1936)

Max Ernst, La Ville Entiere (1936)

Virgo season is upon us! The creative joy of Leo season is now wearing off and we’re being asked to ground our ideas in reality. Virgo season wants to see tangible results.


Hopefully you let your mind wander to new sources of inspiration during the month of August, and should be rejuvenated from so much heart centred activity connecting with friends and family !

Now, as every September, Virgo season has rolled in and we are blessed with a supercharged New Moon on August 30th, thanks to a conjunction with Mars. The planetary ruler of courage, sex, war and stamina, Mars sitting close to this New Moon infuses September with a go-get-em attitude that is rare!

Be mindful of overthinking now and take action.


Virgo is one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs. She is the archetype of the virgin, the woman unto herself, of the soul who knows that cultivating wholesome energy within is paramount to achieving your hearts desire in the outside world. During Virgo season it is time to harvest what is ripe and take note of what we need to do differently in the future. Many art and food critics possess a lot of Virgo energy as it is the sign that discerns what is valuable from is not good enough. The shadow expression is having too critical an outlook on works in progress, when all that is needed is a more finely tuned approach.

Find that sweet spot between careful attention to detail and getting excited about your big dreams!


Do not let your desire for perfection keep you from making progress. If you are spinning your wheels in one spot or fear that the results won’t be what you hoped for - focus on the present and reconnect to the purpose of what you set out to create in the first place. Then put one foot in front of the other, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself.


As the Virgin of the zodiac, Virgo embodies the hermit and can isolate itself from others. However this New Moon is forming a harmonious aspect to both Saturn and Uranus in Taurus. Such an earthy triangle of energies is fantastic for getting the job done and for unexpected diversions. The key is to stay fluid and open to new people, experiences and places during September. Uranus likes to shake things up and you might just find the most useful piece of inspiration where you least expect it. Do not dismiss outlandish brainwaves as you hone your skills now.


So much love to you on this productive new cycle!

Nymph of Neptune