27.10.19 23:38 EST


28.10.19 03:38 GMT


Step into the power of the most transformative New Moon of the year.
Be prepared to use your words, shed skins, and step into the dark unknown.



Okay so 2019 may have not been the most financially stable year for you. Fear not, this new moon is here to spark brand new collaborations. Just don’t rush into anything as this moon cycle will take six months to bring in the rewards. In the meantime, why not ship the kids off to stay with the grandparents as the next two weeks are prime time for sizzling sensual action. Let’s face it, this New Moon in your sector of Sex and Money is almost too good to be true. It’s only fun and games if you act with the best of intentions, consider the effect of your actions on those you’re intimately involved with. Any power games or controlling behaviour should stay in the past as this new moon carries heavy potential karma. The universe is watching.



Is that the new you I see up ahead Taurus? 2019 has been a big year of change, and November is no different. This New Moon is bringing in even more unpredictable energy, it’s asking you to meditate on what relationships you want to manifest in your life over the next 6 months. What does your ideal partnership look like? Now is your opportunity to tell the universe exactly what qualities you’re looking for in your ideal mate. If you’re already coupled, the next few weeks will be about how to find new depths of intimacy with one another. One word of advice - if old lovers/exes drop out of the sky, don’t follow the breadcrumbs too easily, it will only lead you astray from the beautiful path you’ve carved for yourself. Focus on eliminating any toxic behavioural patterns that threaten to derail your progress.



Health, fitness and checking off everything on your to-do list will be your priority over the next two weeks. But are you missing the bigger picture? This transit is all about honing your mind and body to its best, but don’t forget that your spirit will also naturally benefit from this attention. Keep in mind that the mundane acts of everyday life are more spiritual than they appear. Bring a meditative attitude to your daily routine and don’t forget to see the bigger picture. You cannot control everything, and we are all interconnected. So smile at a stranger and stay humble as you get into efficiency mode.



You water babies have had an interesting year as Uranus has been redefining what you are aiming for. What you thought you wanted no longer looks as shiny as it once did, so you are shedding skins to get closer to a more authentic sense of self in 2019. This New Moon in Scorpio is opening up a portal to redesign your ego, its wants, needs and desires. What are your creative dreams? If they are wildly different from any previous ambitions you held all the better. Trust that just because you’re evolving faster than your peers does not mean you’re not moving towards a more authentic version of your self. If your tribe doesn’t help nourish your new dreams, wander further to find friends who will.



You always enjoy the spotlight and at work are looked upon for your creative flair, but over the coming weeks the stars are urging you to go within. A New Moon in your sector of roots, home and motherhood will shed light on any unsatisfied needs if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Although this could prompt an idea as mundane as redecorating the living room, your home is a metaphor for your spiritual shell, so carve out some me-time and ask if there’s anything missing? Then make moves to chase that missing piece.



Have you been procrastinating a writing project that could bring you a lot of benefit ? Lost touch with a sibling? This New Moon in Scorpio has simple and beautiful gifts for you. Scorpio season is all about your sector of neighbourhood, siblings and communication. Don’t be surprised if you wind up at your local pub spontaneously joining in the pub quiz. Greater vulnerability in your conversations with others and yourself can reap big benefits over the coming weeks. For you bloggers, writers and poets, this transit can drop wild new ideas into your head and flood you with out of the box ideas. Follow the inspo! Not one for words? Taking up a new class or side hobby could add a lot of joy to your life now, so sign up and get stuck in.



Your subconscious has been bubbling up since March dear Libra, not a comfortable thing for you to handle as you like to keep things smooth and peaceful. Some unknown fears or relationship issues may have reared their heads recently, and you may not feel like you have total control. This month is a chance to find your spine and reconnect to your personal values, independent of anybody else. Ask yourself if you’re hiding any dormant talents? What do you love most about yourself? Know that you are enough just as you are.



Ah Scorpio, it’s finally your astrological new year! This New Moon is all about how your energy behaves while in relationships. Whether in romance or business, you could be witnessing some erratic behaviour from those close to you. Don’t be surprised if you find you suddenly need more space than usual. Take time for yourself but be sure to channel any restless energy into something healthy. There’s a small risk now of sabotaging what gives you stability and warmth in your life due to a desire for change. Instead of pushing those you love away, find something adventurous that satisfies the itch. Ask yourself are you so intent on having the power in your dynamic duos that you don’t know how to be vulnerable? That’s the key question the universe wants you to ponder.



This is a deep one for you, as Scorpio energy rules your mysterious sector of the subconscious and all that is hidden from your mind. What deeply embedded beliefs are holding you back? Maybe you are unaware that you carry mindsets from a past life or passed down from your ancestors. This New Moon is going to shake up your subconscious, people or outer events may rattle you out of your comfort zone, forcing you to look within. It’s a spiritual new moon for you prompting a necessary purge of stale energy that underlies how you move through life at a cellular level. Once you shift your outlook, your dealings in the mundane world are also bound to change. Stay open to spirit now and watch for signs.



Known as the workhorse of the zodiac, you mountain goats have always got your eye on the prize. The skies think it’s time to loosen up and step away from the keyboard. 2019 has been the year of redefining what joy means for you. You may have even adopted a fresh perspective on creativity. Dedicating time to fun and socialising is imperative to your well-being. Know that your work flows better if you spend more time for revelling in the moment. An unexpected chance to have the most fun you’ve had in quite a while may come from a stranger or new set of pals soon. Embrace it!



Whip your CV into shape Aquarius because new career opportunities are coming your way. It’s up to you to put in the work though. Visualise your ideal position then let the universe do the rest. If you’re feeling restless or like home and family responsibilities are weighing you down, book a day trip to get away from it all or centre yourself with a meditation.



If you haven’t had the pleasure of travelling much recently, get excited because the next 6 months could whisk you away to a new destination. Your sign loves to daydream, and this new moon is stimulating your intellect so take some time for solo brainstorming, you never know when the next best book could pop into your head. Carry a notebook wherever you wander so you can capture any flashes of inspiration on the go. If you’ve been feeling bored with work or daily life recently, why not start an online course that could awaken your zest for life once again. It is those eternal students of life that find the most magic.